Where’s the “healthy” food?


During a recent trip, I found myself in the airport looking for a quick lunch before my plane left. Of the various options, a store advertising “healthy” food (or something along those lines) caught my eye. But as I walked around the aisles, I noticed that very few of the items could reasonably be considered healthy, at least when you looked at the calorie information.

Long story short, virtually every package of snacks contained at least two servings, totaling 400 calories or more. Considering that these items are designed to eat on the run, I really doubt the typical person is going to consume half the bag and then save the rest for later. But no matter how many times I looked, the store didn’t have anything besides these high-calorie, multi-serving packs.

What did I end up buying? One of the multi-serving bags, which I strategically only ate part of. Anything more would have been a little much, since I also bought a sandwich and a small smoothie-style beverage. Hopefully the people running the store will eventually wise up, and realize that healthy food  in an airport context should have a reasonable number of calories, or at least be packaged in separate servings so that people don’t feel pressured to eat the whole thing at once.