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When you schedule a Season Pass on TiVo, the icon that corresponds to the entry seems to vary based on how you scheduled it. There’s one icon for recordings scheduled from the TiVo website, and another icon for the ones scheduled from the TiVo device itself. There might even be other icons I haven’t seen, […]

I’ve been using the Netflix Watch Instantly service on my TiVo for several months now. It’s great, but the “quality” display has always been puzzling. Some shows fill up the full set of bars and show the HD icon, but others never get past the next-to-last bar. Sure, not every show is available in HD, […]

It’s fun watching products evolve over time, especially if they grow to add new features that make your life easier. One of the web-based services that I use has been improving things a lot lately, including making their customer sign-in screen much cleaner. They also added an area on the screen where they announce new […]

I’ve been watching a great new series on A&E called The Beast. It stars Patrick Swayze as a Chicago FBI agent who orchestrates rather creative undercover missions to nab the bad guys. More than any other TV series I’ve seen, The Beast takes advantage of downtown Chicago as a superb filming venue. It’s hard to […]

I saw a really dumb banner ad for T-Mobile this week. Actually, the headline, image, and call to action were fine. The problem was the text directly below the call to action button. I forget the exact phrasing, but it said something like “2 year agreement required — other terms may apply”. That sounds like […]

About 18 months have passed since Apple released the original iPhone. During that time, RIM has released several new models, including the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm. Despite the iPhone including a desktop-class web browser that can load virtually any page, RIM still insists on crippling every BlackBerry with a crappy browser that feels like […]

I’ve only had my TiVo for a few weeks, and for the most part I love the product. One thing puzzles me, though. What’s the deal with the ads they show at the bottom of the TiVo Central screen? First of all, the ads aren’t identified as paid or sponsored content; there’s a sort-of highlighted […]