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I travel a lot on business, and I’ve noticed an interesting trend. While many airports still humiliate travelers who forgot to bring a plastic bag for their liquids and gels, others have taken a better approach: they provide plastic bags right by the security checkpoint. At Chicago’s Midway airport, they’ve even taken this a step […]

I’m a huge fan of Bloglines for both desktop and mobile usage, and I generally find that it works really well.  But I came across one really annoying issue on the mobile interface.  If you’re scrolling through a feed and click “Unsubscribe” by accident, it removes that feed instantly.  No warning message, and no option […]

I find myself using the “Find a Store” feature on retail sites more often than I realized, usually to figure out the store hours. While most sites make this easy to find, others do some really puzzling things when designing this feature. After spending a few minutes comparing the store locators on 10 popular retail […]

You could write volumes about password and security issues on the web. Some issues are highly complex, while others are common sense like “don’t write your password on a sticky note on your monitor”. In fact, if you’re trying to create a good password policy for your application, Thomas Baekdal just wrote an excellent article […]

When I encounter a product that’s hard to use, the same thought always crosses my mind: nobody in the company actually uses it on a regular basis. To be more specific, even if some employees do use their company’s product, these people don’t have any significant influence over product design or subsequent revisions. Obviously, customer […]

Although the selection of photos can get a little random, the This is Broken photo pool on Flickr has some great examples of what to avoid in your own designs.  Mark Hurst used to have a whole site dedicated to these pictures, but these days he posts the best ones on his Good Experience blog.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about some products he had reviewed. These ranged from websites to PC software to non-computer stuff, and he had been asked to look at them in terms of the user experience they provided. Although he had been using these products for years, he came up […]