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Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, people move all the time. Some companies, like transportation and self-storage firms, do a good job of capitalizing on this activity. But with the exception of the annual college-dorm-stock-up sales at places like Bed Bath and Beyond, I think retailers are leaving a lot of money on the […]

While looking through restaurant reviews on the Yelp Mobile site, I noticed that they only show you a little snippet of each one. To read the rest, you have to click on a link and wait for another page to load. Granted, this approach lets you see the first part of many reviews at once, […]

There are many great articles (and even whole books) about how to design data entry forms. Despite this wide body of knowledge, the basic rules still seem to elude a lot of web designers. In particular, designers are still creating input fields that are too short to fit the data that customers typically enter. Actually, […]

Over the past few weeks, the Internet performance on my BlackBerry has degraded so much that it’s barely usable. Even simple websites take more than a minute to load, compared to the 5-10 seconds that I’m used to. From fussing around with different sites, I know the issue affects any website I try to load, […]

In the rare event that I go to the movies, I prefer to use the automated kiosk to buy tickets. Usually, it works fine. But when I tried to purchase tickets on a recent weekend, the kiosk ran out of paper right before it was my turn to use it. Perhaps it sends an automatic […]

During the past few weeks, I’ve eaten at two different Chipotle restaurants. In case you aren’t familiar with it, Chipotle is a fast casual chain that sells tasty burritos, tacos, etc. Generally, the food is very consistent from one location to the next. But one thing surprised me: the amount of salsa you get in […]

Unwelcome icons


If you use Windows at all, you’ve probably had a few mysterious icons appear in the taskbar at the bottom right of your screen. Sometimes these are useful, helping you keep tabs on the status of a program or utility. But more often than not, they appear there because the software vendor decided it would […]

I often buy food at the airport so I’ll have something to eat on the plane (or while I’m waiting at the gate area). Every time, I run into the same problem: The restaurant never seems to have a plate or tray to place the food on, or the plates they have are very cumbersome. […]

While reading an article yesterday, I noticed a big error message where a Flash movie was supposed to appear. Basically, it said I should click there to upgrade to a new version of Flash. It even promised that I didn’t have to leave the page or restart my browser. But with all the viruses and […]

Since my mom was in town last weekend, I decided to try one of those guided bus tours of the city and the surrounding areas. To save time, I bought the tickets online and had everything ready for our Sunday morning jaunt. But when it came time to hop on the bus, it was nowhere […]