Worst places for a sticker


Here are some of the dumbest places that a manufacturer or repair center can place a sticker:

– Directly on the screen, so they can spoil the elegant user interface by making you view it through a layer of sticky residue.

– Right on the battery cover or access door and stretching onto the neighboring panel, so you’re forced to tear the sticker to get the compartment open. (For some reason, this always makes it even harder to get the two halves of the sticker off later.)

– On any sort of cord or cable. Ask anyone who has tried to remove a sticker from a power cord, and they’ll tell you that the glue is there to stay, picking up floor dust for the life of your device.

If you need to put permanent stickers on things, make sure they aren’t obnoxious, and label them with “Do not remove” so customers don’t waste time trying to remove them. In all other cases, make sure the sticker comes off easily, or just omit it altogether.