Using Amex? H&M doesn’t want your business


Against my better judgement, I found myself at an H&M store on Saturday. After picking out a few items, we went to the checkout area. The overtly stylish cashier rang up the purchase, and I gave him my American Express card for payment. He looked at it for a little while, seemed confused, and then pointed to an unintelligible sign on the wall behind him. The message: H&M doesn’t take Amex.

I was floored. Refusing to take Amex is a favorite habit of ignorant small retailers, not multinational chain stores. Plus, H&M used to accept Amex, so something must have changed along the way. Whatever their reasoning, I’ll never be going back there again. The best part is, I bet these lost sales aren’t being recorded anywhere. The revenue is lost forever, and the geniuses in corporate have no idea of the consequences of their decision.

2 Responses to “Using Amex? H&M doesn’t want your business”

  1. Yeah, that’s very true. I seem to remember that Amex has an outreach program designed to help educate retailers and other companies about the benefits of accepting the card, especially in terms of customers who would rather shop elsewhere than use a Visa or Mastercard. I’m sure this is a mammoth effort, but it’s always annoying to come across ignorant retailers large and small who cling to the idiotic idea that they’re saving money by turning customers away.

  2. 2 lawinstyle

    ya, this makes no fing sense what so ever. first of all, anyone with any money ie anyone that would be spending more then 20 dollars in h&m (who, mind you, is only in h&m to pick up the designer lines like the comme de garcon one that comes out tomorrow) is likely carrying amex, and only amex. since the day i got my first amex i have never carried another card and i never have any intention to. if you don’t take amex, ill never step foot in your store again, and the likelihood is that i was making a big purchase and didn’t have the cash on hand to do it so i walked away ie lost sale. if they claim they are saving money by not taking amex, they obviously fail to realize that some folks only believe in amex, such as this guy right here.