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I saw a really dumb banner ad for T-Mobile this week. Actually, the headline, image, and call to action were fine. The problem was the text directly below the call to action button. I forget the exact phrasing, but it said something like “2 year agreement required — other terms may apply”. That sounds like […]

Whether you’re designing a website, writing a press release, or coming up with text to appear on a digital signage screen, common sense dictates that you should use the same words that your audience does. Yet I continue to see digital signage that’s full of obscure terms. Have you ever asked your spouse to “turn […]

About 18 months have passed since Apple released the original iPhone. During that time, RIM has released several new models, including the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm. Despite the iPhone including a desktop-class web browser that can load virtually any page, RIM still insists on crippling every BlackBerry with a crappy browser that feels like […]

Over the weekend, I used Google to find some info for an upcoming trip. On the first page of results, I saw a forum site that I had visited before, and the description looked relevant to my search. I clicked on the result, and it took me to a totally different site that tried to […]

If you look around your home or office, you’ll probably notice that the power and data jacks are clustered together. In other words, for every Ethernet, phone, or cable TV outlet on the wall, there’s a power outlet no more than a few feet away. This approach makes sense, since virtually everything that uses a […]

It’s human nature to shoot the messenger — we tend to place the full brunt of our anger and blame on the person who delivers a piece of bad news. However, I think people act the same way when it comes to delivering praise. In other words, when someone helps you resolve a problem or […]

Say you’re writing an article or a blog post about something you heard about elsewhere. Maybe the source was a press release, or an interview, or a book. Years of schooling and common courtesy suggest that you should provide a credit to the original source, which usually means a link. Yet many reputable sites and […]