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A few days ago, I read a story about a new healthcare program that Walgreens introduced for corporate customers. From the story and the original press release, interested companies could apparently sign up for the program and get access to in-store clinics and special prescription pricing to complement traditional health insurance. So I went to […]

I’ve been trying to use a gift card from one of my favorite restaurants for several weeks now. The problem isn’t finding the time to go there. Rather, it’s been so cold here in Chicago lately that you’d be a little nuts to venture out during dinner hours. With the sun already setting by that […]

Common sense tells us that a higher quality product will make customers happier, generate more positive buzz, and sell more briskly than a lower quality one. But higher quality products typically cost more than the competition, which limits their reach in the marketplace. So where do you draw the line between quality and selling price? […]

I’ve only had my TiVo for a few weeks, and for the most part I love the product. One thing puzzles me, though. What’s the deal with the ads they show at the bottom of the TiVo Central screen? First of all, the ads aren’t identified as paid or sponsored content; there’s a sort-of highlighted […]

In my experience, Chicago’s Midway airport is one of the best airports in the US. It’s big enough to have lots of flights (mainly on Southwest), but small enough that you don’t have to ride some hokey people-mover to get to your gate. And getting back and forth from downtown is a cinch, thanks to […]

While reading about a new mixed-use development in Chicago, I noticed an interesting statistic. The residential part of the complex was like 90% sold, but the commercial side seemed to only have one tenant. Even in a weak economy, this seems like a strange disconnect. If lots of people are already signed up to live […]

While shopping for a household cleaning product, I was shocked to see how dangerous most of the products are. According to their labels, the risks range from mild skin irritation up to “irreversible eye damage”. Ouch — these things sound more like what you’d find in a toxic waste dump than anything you’d bring into […]