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My dentist takes punctuality very seriously. In fact, if you’re late more than a few times, they threaten to make you pay a fee for missing the scheduled appointment. Luckily, I’ve never run into this problem myself, but I can clearly see how the policy helps the office run more efficiently — which benefits the […]

If I could add one feature to every website and software product that I use, I’d vote for a “Delete All” button. For instance, I’m really sick of products that are designed to let you send and receive messages, yet force you to delete the old messages one by one. So the more you use […]

The shiny new CVS store in my neighborhood was scheduled to open over the weekend. Well, the weekend came and went, and the same “Coming Soon” sign is still on the window, with no indication of when the store will actually be opening. I don’t know what caused the delay — perhaps they’re waiting for […]

In a perfect world, every word and sentence in your emails, web pages, and proposals would be checked and re-checked until it was 100% error-free. But what do you do if you have a gigantic document, and there simply isn’t enough time to give every section the same attention? I’d say focus on the beginning […]

Here are three businesses I’ll never buy anything from, or that I’ve vowed never to visit again: – A restaurant that charges $10-15 for a typical breakfast – A barber shop where a men’s haircut costs $25 – A doctor’s office that inflates their prices to at least twice the going rate, presumably hoping to […]

They’re getting ready to open an impressive new building in my neighborhood. Known as “Aqua”, the facility includes rental apartments and condos in an 80+ story tower, along with a grocery store and other retail establishments near ground level. Like many new buildings, it’s being marketed as environmentally-conscious, with energy efficient climate control and sustainable […]

Have you ever thought about going to a restaurant, but decided otherwise when it looked totally packed from the outside? That happened to me a few months ago, and I wasn’t in the same neighborhood again until this past weekend. The restaurant didn’t look very crowded this time, so I walked in to assess the […]