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Have you ever tried telling a friend or family member about your idea for a new business? Most likely they shot you down and said it will never work. And if the world contains roughly equal numbers of optimists and pessimists, why is this behavior so dominant? To answer this question, let’s think about the […]

A lot of TV shows are set in Seattle. However, most of those shows are actually filmed in Vancouver, BC. And if you’ve ever visited the downtown areas in both cities, it’s pretty obvious why they don’t film anything in Seattle: its downtown core is a dump. Vancouver certainly isn’t perfect, but aesthetically, there’s no […]

It’s rare that I come across a kiosk system that wows me with its simplicity and elegance. But the approach CVS has taken in the store near me is worth noting. Basically, you go up to the kiosk and put your ExtraCare card under the scanner. Then, it prints a coupon based on your purchase […]

If you’ve browsed the paper products aisle in a store lately, or looked at those items online, you’ve probably seen the trend towards “big” or “double” or “giant” rolls. In theory, by packing more square feet of paper toweling or toilet paper into each roll, they can offer more value for the dollar. That’s all […]

My desk phone has a handy button labeled “Do not disturb”. When you press it, the phone won’t ring for new calls. This is great if you’re away from your desk or otherwise unable to answer the phone, and you don’t want it to ring aimlessly during that period. Even though I’ve had this feature […]

One of the blogs that I subscribe to typically publishes a new post every day, or at least several times a week. But without any warning, they went totally silent for more than two weeks. This makes me wonder: how long can you take a breather before it becomes the sort of hiatus that you […]

I saw an article recently about one of those new laptop bags that are designed to help you get through airport security lines faster. I can’t speak for where they are currently advertising the product, but one question stands out: why not showcase the product right in the airport itself? For instance, you could put […]