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Whether it’s the weak economy or a more fundamental change in the way people do business, it seems like more and more companies are embracing telecommuting. In the process, these firms end up reducing the amount of office space they lease, since fewer employees are parked at a desk in some office building. Of course, […]

It’s hard to pick the most frustrating aspect of trying to fix the email functionality on my Dell printer/scanner. However, perhaps the most insulting thing was realizing that Dell spent lots of time and energy on all sorts of obscure features that I doubt many customers use. Meanwhile, the core features that a large portion […]

About halfway through a marathon troubleshooting session for my Dell printer, I decided to update the firmware. Sounds easy enough, right? I went to the Dell support site, located the model number, and clicked the button for downloads. I found the firmware link, which was supposed to contain a file with a specific name — […]

Last week, I had the misfortune of changing the email settings on my Dell multifunction printer/scanner. Long story short, I was forced to go through a bunch of different email accounts until I found one that worked. In total, the troubleshooting took me over 8 hours, which is just horrible. All that effort just to […]

As I wrote about yesterday, I had a less-than-stellar experience with the Moo online printing service. Once I managed to get through the design process, the website took me to the checkout and payment system. Everything looked normal until I went to enter the info for my Amex card. The drop-down menu had choices for […]

A few days ago, my wife decided to order some business card-sized prints from Moo. After we uploaded the photos and typed in the text, we realized that several of the photos were cropped wrong. So, we clicked the button at the top of the screen for “Step 1” or “Step 2” — whatever one […]

Many websites are quick to tell you how their system is “powered by” one company or another. The structure of these partnerships and supplier relationships surely vary a lot. But in general, showing that you’re associated with a larger firm can help a smaller website build credibility, while getting your logo placed on a well-known […]