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Last week, I had the misfortune of changing the email settings on my Dell multifunction printer/scanner. Long story short, I was forced to go through a bunch of different email accounts until I found one that worked. In total, the troubleshooting took me over 8 hours, which is just horrible. All that effort just to […]

As I wrote about yesterday, I had a less-than-stellar experience with the Moo online printing service. Once I managed to get through the design process, the website took me to the checkout and payment system. Everything looked normal until I went to enter the info for my Amex card. The drop-down menu had choices for […]

A few days ago, my wife decided to order some business card-sized prints from Moo. After we uploaded the photos and typed in the text, we realized that several of the photos were cropped wrong. So, we clicked the button at the top of the screen for “Step 1” or “Step 2” — whatever one […]

Many websites are quick to tell you how their system is “powered by” one company or another. The structure of these partnerships and supplier relationships surely vary a lot. But in general, showing that you’re associated with a larger firm can help a smaller website build credibility, while getting your logo placed on a well-known […]

While waiting to meet someone at a restaurant earlier this week, I noticed a curious scene being played out near the restaurant entrance. A decent-sized crowd of people, perhaps four or five, descended upon the area next to the door. Apparently, they were all trying to check out the wall-mounted menu and decide if they […]

I watched “Burn After Reading” the other day, and it was pretty entertaining. As the credits scrolled by, I noticed the usual list of companies who provided assistance or promotional consideration. One of these was a flooring manufacturer, which struck me as odd. But then I remembered that George Clooney’s character always mentioned people’s floors […]

If you pay any attention to health news, you may have followed the recent controversy over mercury levels in tuna and other fish. There are many sides to the story, but I find one aspect of it really surprising. Namely, it appears that the US government has been publishing stats about which types of fish […]

Although spell check has become ubiquitous in everything from word processors to web browsers, it seems like the average person has become even sloppier when it comes to written communication. Since things move so quickly on the web, perhaps people figure that quantity is more important than quality, and a typo-laden document is better than […]

After seeing a product placement for GE’s Monogram appliances, it occurred to me that several different companies have adoped the “Monogram” label for their premium line. Aside from GE, there’s Banana Republic, and probably a few others. But what does the term “Monogram” actually mean to customers? To me, “Monogram” indicates something that’s personalized to […]

Last weekend, I walked by the site of the new Halsted Street Deli / Rainbow Cone near the Chicago Theater. On the window was a big sign saying “Closed for private event”. The restaurants hadn’t even opened yet, so I figured they were still working on things, and the grand opening would be a few […]