Don’t go overboard with your business photos


If you run a local business, it usually makes sense to provide lots of photos on your website. Aside from pictures of the inside of the venue and your products, customers often look for photos of what your location looks like from the street. By using that visual cue, customers will have an easier time finding your place once they get close to it.

With this in mind, some businesses embellish their photos by adding a giant street number or a big logo that isn’t really there. Sure, this makes the photo prettier and more distinctive. But there’s a cost: each item you add to the picture becomes part of the customer’s mental image of what to expect when they get there. If they’re looking for a huge sign or number that doesn’t exist, they may walk or drive right by.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t optimize your photos so they’re clear and attractive to potential customers. However, if a particular modification would make the picture look a lot different than reality, it’s probably best to leave it out.