The ultimate “duh”


After arriving at the airport for a recent trip, my wife and I walked up to the line where they check your boarding pass and ID. I gave the airport employee two IDs and two boarding passes. She examined each ID, looked at the boarding passes, and gave them back to me. Before we got even five feet away, the airport lady asked my wife for her boarding pass and ID again — the same ones she had presumably just looked at. I was baffled, but I complied with her request anyway.

Now, this woman probably had an IQ in the low-to-mid-teens. But really, how dumb do you have to be to screw this up? Let’s see, we had two people together at the desk, with two IDs, and two boarding passes. Even if the lady didn’t see the second boarding pass, she looked at both of the IDs. I wonder how much time and money is wasted at airports nationwide by hiring people this inept. Then again, I’m also baffled that people like that even manage to put their clothes on in the morning and show up to work in the first place.