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Over the past few weeks, two new restaurant concepts have opened in Chicago’s River North area. While you’d never know it based on the restaurant names and branding, these two restaurants are each being operated by veteran Chicago restauranteurs. For whatever reason, they’ve elected to make the new brands totally unique, without any reference to […]

Over the past year or so, it’s been interesting to watch the methods that my local CVS has chosen to market their in-store coupon dispensing kiosk. Here’s what they’ve tried: – Printed signage around the kiosk – Light-up signage above the kiosk – Signage on the floor in the shape of footprints, leading from the […]

I like my coffee strong, so I’ve always purchased dark roast beans or grounds. However, it amazes me to see how many light and medium roasts are available at retail. Since these cost just about the same per ounce as the dark stuff, why don’t people just buy dark roast and use fewer scoops? This […]

For some odd reason, I found myself reading the “Cooking Guide” label on my microwave oven. Here’s what appears in the list of foods that a few clever minds think you might want to cook: – Rice – Fresh vegetables – Frozen vegetables – Canned vegetables – Bacon Rice, vegetables and… bacon? Lately, bacon seems […]

Virtually every grocery store flyer includes the name, picture and price for each advertised product. Assuming you have the room and the inclination, does increasing the level of detail help to drive more sales of these products? Here are some of the things you might include in the flyer when pursuing such an approach: – […]

Phone and cable companies love to advertise ultra-low prices, only to raise rates considerably after the first 6 months or so. Apparently, some consumers are starting to catch on to these tricks, because I saw an AT&T commercial the other day that proclaimed their prices are “guaranteed for 12 months”. It’s nice that AT&T is […]

There are several elevator screens that I see on a regular basis, and these screens are mainly used to show upcoming meeting schedules, pictures from the local area, and such. Somewhere along the way, the people who control the content decided to include a weather forecast on there. However, instead of using a modern approach […]