Fits any washer and dryer


Many people live in apartments. The vast majority of those apartment dwellers own a bed. Beds require sheets, and sheets need to be washed. Yet not every set of sheets will fit inside the compact washer and dryer that you typically find in an apartment.

Why is this a problem? In short, there’s rarely any way to tell if a given set of sheets will fit a compact washer and dryer. I ran into this problem a few days ago, after comparing a set of new sheets to a set of older ones. The new ones took up at least 50% more volume than the old ones. Knowing the existing set was already a tight fit in our apartment-size washer and dryer, I immediately sent the new set back.

There’s really no excuse for this lack of proper messaging. The folks who manufacture or market the sheets should either test them in a compact washer and dryer, or compare their weight and volume to a reference set. Then, based on the results, add a line in the specs that says something like “Fits any washer and dryer” or “Not suitable for compact washers and dryers”. By conveying this simple piece of information prior to purchase, fewer customers will end up with sheets that are too big for their washer and dryer, and return rates should drop significantly.