The importance of a sturdy grip


With many people using a laptop as their primary computer, there’s an ever-growing selection of stands and docking stations designed for making laptops feel at home in various environments. Some of these accessories provide a nearly foolproof ledge or tray that prevents the laptop from being knocked onto the floor. But others leave a lot to be desired.

For example, I’ve spent some time with a folding laptop stand that seems ideal for travel and quick setup and take down. It even has a rubberized area in the middle to prevent the laptop from sliding off. At least that’s the theory, anyway. In practice, the rubberized material wears off in normal use, meaning that the slightest nudge on any edge of the laptop will knock it right off the stand.

I don’t know what sort of lab testing is performed on the typical laptop stand, but perhaps the manufacturers are missing an obvious requirement. In short, any decent laptop stand should be sturdy and grippy enough to keep the computer securely in place. If a little nudge here or a little slide there makes the laptop plunge to the floor, then the design needs work.

Sure, it may be challenging to create a stand that will securely hold all the different models out there. But it’s probably better to fix those issues upfront, before hordes of customers start knocking on your door and complaining that a $20 stand ruined their $1,000 investment in a shiny new laptop.