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As I walked through a nearby park a few days ago, I noticed a sign that seemed quite funny. Placed near a sidewalk and a large grassy area, it read “No golf practicing allowed.” I immediately started to wonder: has this actually been a problem? Have rogue golfers been tearing up the grass or launching […]

Last Saturday, the city hosted a series of ridiculous events for St. Patrick’s day. As a result, there were thousands of extra people lumbering through downtown and generally acting like idiots. No problem, I figured: I would just avoid going where those people would likely congregate, such as bars and restaurants. So when I went […]

While passing through one of the underground walkways that connect the various buildings in my neighborhood, I noticed a curious series of paper signs on the wall. Each sign indicated that you could reach the commuter train station by walking in the specified direction. The signs also contained the logo for some big trade show, […]

Living in a big city like Chicago, you quickly become familiar with the best ways to catch a cab, which vehicle types to avoid, and so on. Another basic rule: whether you flag a cab or schedule one in advance, it’s assumed that it will be your own private cab. In other words, that cab […]