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I got a little message from last night. Well, not very little at all. You see, it took them over 700 words to explain how to use the new login process, designed to keep users from having their login information stolen. I’ve never found them to be very concise in their communication with customers, […]

I hate it when I have to do or say the same thing twice. With people, it’s forgiveable — we tend to misplace and forget things from time to time. But with software, I expect the data I enter to be kept on hand unless I purposely delete it. With this in mind, I just […]

While shopping at Target, I noticed a particular inefficiency with their store layout. Regardless of what’s on display, virtually every aisle is the same width. Walking from one aisle to the next, I saw consistent bottlenecks happening. But these weren’t just related to the popularity of the goods being sold. Aisles with products that everyone […]

Right by the signal strength indicator on my Blackberry, there’s a little readout that says things like “EDGE”, “GSM”, etc. The basic idea is that you can see what sort of coverage you have, since EDGE provides faster speeds than GSM/GPRS. But here’s where it gets stupid: when the letters appear in lowercase (e.g. “edge”), […]

Noise pollution


How many times have you done a web search and clicked a few of the results, only to be greeted with blaring music, an unwelcome voice-over, or a series of robotic noises? If your browsing habits are anything like mine, this happens at least once a day, which sets off a mad dash to close […]

One of the few downsides to living in downtown Chicago is the long trek required to get to stores like Target or Wal-Mart. Granted, Target has a store just south of downtown, right by a major train station. It’s only a five minute walk from the train to the store, which makes it fairly easy […]

While looking at some leftover bags of Halloween candy, I noticed a very smart packaging decision that the manufacturer made. I’m sure this caught my eye when I bought the candy, but I forgot to write about it at the time. So what’s the innovation? Instead of printing the number of pieces per bag in […]