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One of the things I love about my local CVS is how open and airy the store feels. If I recall correctly, it’s part of the group of newer CVS stores that have lower aisle heights, brighter navigational signage, and generally less clutter than the old stores. Unfortunately, all of that changed when the holiday […]

Say you walk into a restaurant and ask for a table. If you have a medium or large party, perhaps four people or more, there’s a good chance they’ll ask you a simple question: “Is your entire party here?” Answer “Yes”, and they’ll seat you promptly. Answer “No”, and they’ll instruct you to wait around […]

While I don’t field that many sales inquiries myself, I’ve been on enough calls and read enough emails and chat transcripts to recognize what makes for a good lead. Among other things, the prospect has a need for our products and a budget that enables them to make a purchase. Conversely, there are some attributes […]

During a recent trip, I came across two venues with rather unfortunate window placements. First, the Fort Lauderdale International Airport. When you’re waiting for a flight at the end of terminal 1, nearly every inch of the wall consists of huge windows without any tinting. It’s often quite sunny in Florida, so this design renders […]

A few months ago, I bought a portable DVD player to take on long trips. It was a surprisingly affordable purchase, and I’m very pleased with the product so far. One thing annoys me, though: having to take the disc out when you’re transporting the player from one location to another. Actually, that’s not accurate […]

When people have the freedom to choose how much they pay for something, it’s quite common for the vendor to provide a suggested amount. For instance, I’ve seen this approach applied to tipping in restaurants and donations to a charity. The business or organization prints a suggested or recommended amount that customers should contribute, presumably […]

I haven’t used eBay in years, but I always admired one simple feature they provided on their website. Since most auctions end at a specific time, and so much bidding happens in the last few minutes or even seconds, eBay had a link to view their “official time”. By using that data, there was no […]