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Whenever I’m planning to visit a store that has a printable coupon on their website, I do the logical thing and try to print it out. However, this is often easier said than done. For instance, I’ve hit the following roadblocks when working with so-called printable coupons: – The coupon is part of a flyer, […]

In the past few weeks, I’ve had to request a larger number of refunds than normal for my food purchases. These refunds fall into two categories: – The price at the register is higher than the price on the shelf, so the store ends up refunding the difference. – The item is damaged in shipping […]

I took a rare trip to a department store last weekend to pick up a few things. As always, I found it exceedingly difficult to locate the desired items, even with a printout from the store’s website in hand. However, that’s sort of unavoidable in stores with large floor plates and multiple floors per department. […]

Whenever possible, I like to buy bulk-size packages of food. My apartment has lots of storage space, so the larger packages save time and money compared to constantly reordering smaller versions. However, I’ve noticed one annoying trend regarding these larger packages. The bigger the package, the less likely it is to be resealable. While smaller […]

The process I use for placing my monthly grocery delivery order is quite simple. First, I print out a receipt showing what I bought last month. Then, I go to the page in the online grocer’s website that lets me reorder any of the items that I’ve bought before. Finally, I fill in the quantities […]