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In the summer months, it never seems to get as cool as the daily low in the weather forecast would suggest. Those 65 degree nights always end up hotter and muggier than I expect. Thinking about this a bit, the reason is fairly obvious: the day’s lowest temperature usually occurs in the early morning hours […]

Last weekend, I took a walking tour of several Chicago landmarks that were all designed by a local architectural firm. The event concluded with a tour of the firm’s headquarters, which were quite impressive. However, one thing about the office tour surprised me: they began the session by apologizing for their floor design, treating it […]

In quotes


Ever notice how local businesses tend to put their slogans and taglines in quotes? For example, you might see a billboard for “Chicago’s premier Italian restaurant” or notice a utility van for a company that’s been “Providing affordable plumbing services for over 25 years”. In contrast, large national firms almost never put their slogans and […]

I’m often surprised at how effective the average person can be at picking the “better” of two designs, or saying which colors or fonts look “right” and “wrong”. As others have written before, the typical individual probably has no idea why they like a specific design approach. However, this doesn’t stop them from providing valuable […]

Whenever good planning or hard work or just plain luck helps you exceed customer expectations, be sure to tell them about it once you know for sure. The only thing nicer than receiving an order faster than expected, or getting more or better items at no extra cost, is to get an email telling you […]

Generally, it’s a smart idea to market a product based on the benefits the buyer gets from purchasing it. Anyone familiar with marketing and consumer behavior should already be aware of that. Similarly, if there’s an unpleasant aspect to the buying process, you probably shouldn’t remind people about it in your advertising. With this in […]

While trying to learn more about a certain type of product, I came to a website that looked promising. I easily located the right category and product name, and ended up with a brief, one page intro to the product. But when I tried to click any of the links, e.g. for the demo, brochure, […]